Welcome to Repository of Saronikos Municipality

Digital History Repository of Saronikos Municipality

"Welcome to the Digital History and Culture Repository of Saronikos Municipality"

The Digital Repository forms an attempt to highlight the historical memory of the broader area of the Saronikos Municipality and is a work of the Kalivia Municipal Library of the Legal Entity of Public Law "Aristodikos" of the Saronikos Municipality.

The aim is to collect items (photographs, manuscripts, books, videos etc.) and information around Persons, Monuments and Organisations that underline the history and culture of the Saronikos Municipality and the Communities that comprise it or which relate to it directly or indirectly, in order to preserve and promote such items and information and make them accessible to the public for further research and usage.

The Units of the Repository are as follows:

  1. Archive Content: emergence of the digitalised archive of Chr. N. Petrou - Mesogeitis, filed and classified in its physical folders;
  2. Persons: authors, editors, creators, persons of the Saronikos Municipality (elected representatives, residents, citizens);
  3. Literature: collection of books, publications, book excerpts, reprints, standalone or periodical publications concerning printed works that were digitised, related items with respect to the the history, the folklore and the culture of the Saronikos Municipality or items already published on the internet with reference to the previous units;
  4. Photographs/Audiovisual Content: collection of digitised photographs, some of which have been retrieved through crowdsourcing (contributed by the public), while others belong to the archive of the Municipal Library, as well as audiovisual content; and
  5. Organisations: collection of all the Organisations that have been memorised or have been formed in the process of indexing and archiving, e.g. Municipalities and public agencies, private organisations or cultural and intellectual associations.

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